If i had a favorite thing in the world, it would be third wheeling and capturing authentic and playful moments. Instead of telling you to just fake your best smile and look blankly in to the camera, we actually create memories that you will love to remember when you look back at these photos. My “poses” can include but are not limited to tackling, dancing, and lots of kissing of course.



From every tear, hug, laugh, and detail your wedding is one of the most intimate and momentous moments of your life. Trust me, I get it. Giving the responsibility to a photographer to capture the feeling of that day is HUGE. I intend to make this experience more than just me snapping photos. I will be there holding your hand telling you how amazing you are, fluffing your dress, and most importantly creating art that will fully enable your children and grandchildren to see and feel what your story is.




Imagine that it is just you and your person exchanging promises of love and commitment in that space you call your happy place. Whether it’s in the mountains overlooking a cliff side, on a beach in Maui, or in the stunning Sahara desert, I am your girl. Capturing adventurous and intimate moments are my niche. I understand a crowd of people cheering your name isn’t for everybody, and this day is all about you. I am here to help you bring to life the vision you have created.



Everyone has looked in the mirror and thought “dang I look hot” and then stepped in front of a camera and wondered where that feeling went. I am here to help you feel comfortable and embrace what it feels like to be in that beautiful skin of yours. I want you to look back at these pictures and feel proud of your unique look wherever you are at in life. Everyone deserves to feel stunning in their own skin.



I am a pro at capturing authentic family moments. I am all about families that don’t mind goofing around in front of the camera rather than wanting “stiff” posed pictures. I am here to capture what it’s like to be in your home and show what your family dynamic is like. These are photos that will show off your family’s very own creative signature, and add personality to your home.