about me

I am a photographer meant for adventurous and authentic people. The people that aren't afraid to get their feet a little bit dirty. The people that are overly stoked about the little moments. The people that dance in their underwear as they get ready in the morning.

I am a lover of psychology, and people. You can find me either dreaming of places I want to travel, or hanging out with my cat in my sweat pants. Candles are my full time obsession.  I am usually the person that will embarrass my family and friends out in public. I hate cooking, and tend to go to Cafe Rio on a weekly basis. I am a long boarding fanatic. If you see someone having a dance party in their car to music on full blast, that was probably me.

I have a passion for capturing the feeling of love no matter what form it comes in. The raw, the beautiful, the joyous moments that often go overlooked in our day to day life. My photography aims to capture simple elegance in natural settings. That is what drives me as an artist.

  I sincerely believe our passions in life are meant to be pursued. If you are not doing something in life that makes you completely happy everyday and every hour you do it, there is something that needs to change. That is why I made the decision to quit my day job and pursue my photography career full time. The thought of being able to freeze ONE moment in time and encapsulating that feeling eternally has always inspired my work. I specialize in taking wedding and engagement photos, but also enjoy other aspects of photography.

If you would like to help me pursue my passion by letting me capture your love story, please send me a message. I am based in St. George, Utah but I love to travel.